2020【LoveMyArts 人像油畫訂製服務】Oil Portrait Painting

LoveMyArts 人像油畫訂製服務,油 畫不像其他顏料般輕巧,它的保存性長久可以超過百年,是西方繪畫的主導地位。我們的畫師繪畫油畫人 像手工細 膩,通 過以 遷想妙得等創作方法,著重刻畫人物本身的外形特徵和內在神韻,畫得形神兼備的理想效果,當你送油畫肖像畫給親朋好友時候,都會帶給他們萬分的驚喜和愉悅,也是每代值得保存的珍貴禮物。
Our master painters gifted with delicate skills and mastery, not only depicting the outward appearance but also fully retain the spirit of a person. When the portrait painting is given to your dear friends as gifts, the delight is surely overwhelming and to be treasured generation after generation



# 請選擇你想製作的尺寸,或者你可提供想畫的尺寸、相片和媒介寄來 info@lovemyarts.com 或 whatsapp 67488161 我們會盡快報價和製作肖像畫給你。

# Let us know your preferable portrait size (you can also choose the size we provide, photos, select media such as watercolour or painting, by email to info@lovemyarts.com or whatsapp 67488161). We will customize the artwork according to your requirements.


12”x 16” (30x40cm), 16”x 20” (40cmx50cm), 20”x 24” (50cmx60cm), 24”x 36” (60cmx90cm) & 36”x 48” (90cmx120cm)