Portrait Painting 肖像藝術/ Q版人像畫訂製

Our master painters gifted with delicate skills and mastery, not only depicting the outward appearance but also fully retain the spirit of a person. When the portrait painting is given to your dear friends as gifts, the delight is surely overwhelming and to be treasured generation after generation.

請選擇你想製作的尺寸,或者你可提供想畫的尺寸、相片和媒介寄來 info@lovemyarts.com 或 whatsapp 67488161 我們會盡快報價和製作肖像畫給你。

Please try to draw the portrait size (you can also choose the size we provide, photos, select media such as watercolour or painting, by email to info@lovemyarts.com or whatsapp 67488161. We will customize the artwork for you as soon as possible.

參考尺寸: A5, A4, 12”x 16”(30x40cm) 16”x 20”(40cmx50cm) 20”x 24”(50cmx60cm) 24”x 36”(60cmx90cm) 36”x 48”(90cmx120cm)

Oil Painting Portrait | 油畫肖像訂製

Animals Portrait | 動物肖像訂製

Sketch Portrait | 素描肖像訂製